Kiky ( 전초희) | 95년 | 셉틴와 뉴이스트의 팬이에요 | 승철 & 아론

Taeyeob said that he knows foreigners started to like him but it’s not right to put his pictures on web, so please kindly remove everything! 

Once again, if you have seen any pictures of Lee Taeyeob, or worst, saying if he is the rumored member of Seventeen. Please kindly warn the one who posted his pictures! 

Taeyeob was just Seventeen’s Music Friend, we don’t know if he is the rumored member of Seventeen. Beside, we don’t have the right to know or ask him about this. Respect his privacy! Do not blame this problem to anyone. We started this and we are gonna end this.

Please do remember this! Thanks a lot for your considerations and I’m expecting for your help to spread any words to ask the uploaders to remove Taeyeob’s pictures. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And I’m trully sorry if I offend anyone.


sorry but since everyone is talking about taeyeob and a fanbase tweeted that taeyeob is the rumored member, a music friend told me that he (taeyeob) doesnt like it, so please your consideration guys, take everything down, thank you.

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